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Mexican tacos with ground beef, vegetables and Chilli peppers (natural capsaicin).

The Slim Fit Diet

The Slim Fit Diet is intended for those who want to get a slim figure or want to maintain their current figure without exposing them to extra pounds. This is a great choice that will appeal to a person who cares about rational and nutritious meals. The Slim Fit Diet consists of properly balanced meals, enriched with products that accelerate metabolism, such as ginger, fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Natural vitamin C is a real ally in the fight against fat. The supplement contained in vegetables and fruit causes that the production of fat will be inhibited and the fat burning process will be accelerated. In addition, spicy spices were used to prepare the meals in moderate amounts. The appropriate amount of capsaicin contained in them naturally supports the metabolism and helps in the fight against excess body weight. The entire diet is based on seasonal and low-processed products. All with the idea that our Kitchen Sharks could prepare a meal, which with its taste will provide the highest quality. The whole diet is balanced in such a way that the energy is supplied in 20% from protein , 20% from fat and 60% from carbohydrate.
Catering The Shark Diet is not only about the quality of products or their proper calorific balance. It is also our all efforts to ensure that the prepared meals are worthy of the food in the restaurant. We pay special attention to how the individual dishes should look like. We are aware that people also eat with their eyes, so we want to make our customers’ day more pleasant by preparing beautiful, colorful, and exceptionally tasty dishes for them.

The Slim Fit Diet is available in many caloric variants, so that you can easily adjust the appropriate demand to your individual needs. You can choose diets of 1,200 kcal, 1,500 kcal, 1,800 kcal, 2,000 kcal and 2,500 kcal.

Balanced diet, excellent quality products, amazing taste and a variety of meals in a beautiful form are the advantages of this diet that will make you a real Slim Fit Shark.

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