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Classic hummus with cherry tomatoes, crispy multigrain bread and celery sticks.

The Vege Diet

The Vege Diet is a specially designed diet for people who do not eat meat. The meals include lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, plus wholesome plant products, nuts, seeds and legumes. Our diet eliminates meat, fish and seafood. It will only contain animal products such as dairy products and eggs. For this reason, it is not a diet suitable for vegans. Our Kitchen Sharks together with Dietetic Sharks have developed meals in such a way that your body receives all the necessary nutrients.

Meals are full of unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3. Apart from that, we also take care of the meal compositions in terms of protein content. When using plant products in meals, we take care of the amino acid profile so that the delivered protein is fully digestible and nutritious. Thanks to this, by choosing The Vege Diet, you do not have to worry that due to the lack of meat in meals, your body will not receive all the necessary ingredients from nutrients.
The Vege Diet straight from the Shark is 5 wholesome meals a day, which have been prepared to ensure an appropriate energy balance. For this reason, we carefully compose meals in such a way that the energy is supplied in 15-20% from protein, 20-30 % from fat, mainly of vegetable origin and 55-60% carbohydrate. You can choose diets with calorific values: 1,200 kcal, 1,500 kcal, 1,800 kcal, 2,000 kcal and 2,500 kcal. The wide range of calories is designed to adapt meals to your lifestyle and individual needs.

Our diets have one more, very important advantage, they are served in such a way that no elegant restaurant would not be ashamed of it. We prepare dishes with our customers in mind, in order to please the eye with a beautifully served dish on a plate. Thanks to our diet, you can also become a Vege Shark, regardless of whether you have consciously resigned from eating meat or your health condition induced you to do so.

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