DARMOWA DOSTAWA do ponad 22 000 miejscowości w całej Polsce!

Biuro Obsługi Klienta​


Whole grain burittos with ground beef, vegetable mix and spicy sauce based on natural yoghurt.

The Standard Diet

The Standard Shark Diet consists of 5 healthy meals a day, which have been properly prepared with the highest quality products. The diet is aimed at people who are just entering the healthy eating mode and want to get to know what box catering looks like. The entire menu was created on the basis of a properly balanced diet, which is full of completely new, tasty meals.

By choosing the Standard diet, you have a guarantee that your dishes will be served as if you were just eating in an elegant restaurant. We realize how important the visual aspect is when eating meals, which is why we serve our meals in an exceptionally wonderful form, so that a beautifully presented dish finally lands on your plate. In addition, we ensure that thanks to the appropriate supply of calories and all the necessary micronutrients and macronutrients, you provide your body with what it needs most. All this will make you have energy and strength to act during the day.
The Shark Diet is a real treat for your body and palate. Meals help maintain a healthy and slim figure. Our Kitchen Sharks make sure that the individual ingredients of the meals come only from proven places and from trusted suppliers. We have a guarantee that all this, together with excellent cooks, will make we will deliver the best meals for you. Our mission is based on the fact that even the most demanding customers are satisfied with the help of various, tasty and colorful dishes.

Thanks to our diet, you can also become a real Healthy Eating Shark. It is enough for you to trust our experience and knowledge. We will make your meals healthy and they will certainly not be boring! Every day we will provide you with a set, thanks to which no diet will be terrible. On the menu you will find many meals that abound in seasonal vegetables and fruit, a variety of meat, fish and seafood, also various kinds of things, seeds, and other products derived from animals.

Shark's current menu

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